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TTIP: a recipe for disaster

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and the United States (US). Proponents argue that it…

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Access to Justice

We argue that an examination of European Commission's policies finds a failure to respect Article 13. Animal welfare organisations are unable to challenge the Commission’s failure…

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Position paper on sustainability and livestock

The Food Security, Sustainability, Public Health and Animal Welfare Implications of Livestock Production, November 2014.

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Economic implications of improved standards

The economic implications of introducing higher standards of animal welfare are complex and may vary between countries depending on factors such as differing costs of land…

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A Sustainable Food Policy for Europe

Towards a sustainable, nourishing and humane food policy for Europe and globally.

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Fats, Farming and Food

This briefing describes the different types of dietary fats, and which to eat and which to avoid.

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Lack of compliance with the Pigs Directive continues

Dossier of photos from the pig sector’s own publications showing that many pigs continue to suffer illegal and inhumane conditions 11 years after the EU Pigs Directive came into…

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Chicken slaughter by the Halal method

Technical briefing

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Down to Earth - Charter for a caring food policy

That nourishes our health, the environment and animal welfare.

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Compendium: the complete guide to dairy cows

Collection of resources about dairy cows and how they are farmed. Find out about the life of a dairy cow from birth to slaughter, welfare issues and key statistics.

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