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Compendium: The complete guide to laying hens

Collection of resources about laying hens and how they are farmed. Find out about the life of a hen from birth to slaughter, welfare issues and key statistics.

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Welfare of genetically modified and cloned animals

142-page report from 2012. Objectively explaining and discussing current knowledge regarding welfare implications for animals, in particular dams and their offspring during…

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Food security and farm animal welfare

How best to feed the world in 2050

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Is there a definitive link between welfare and nutrition? Having looked at the findings from over 200 studies based on the relationship between the welfare of the animals and the…

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Standards analysis report

Farm assurance schemes and animal welfare - how the standards compare.

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Cloning and Genetic Engineering of Animals

Cloning and Genetic Engineering of Animals for Food Production - A major threat to animal health and welfare. 4 page summary booklet with policy recommendations.

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Wasting water

A study to understand the water footprint of livestock farming. The aim was to assess whether a range of farming systems, with differing animal welfare, use water differently.

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Food sense

Our current food system is failing and we need an urgent rethink.

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The European Union Legislation of Farmed Animals

European Union (EU) law contains a range of helpful provisions designed to protect farm animals on-farm, during transport and at slaughter. This article describes and evaluates…

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Antibiotics health crisis

Compassion highlights the part played by factory farms.

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