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FVO Reports on Failure to Enforce Pigs directive

Reports by the Food and Veterinary Office that show failure to enforce Council Directive 2008/120/EC laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs

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Providing Enrichment for pigs

 Briefing examining enrichment for pigs

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Foie Gras Production

Fact sheet on foie gras issues

Download (PDF 0.09MB)

Pig Farming in the EU

Briefing examining pig farming in the EU.

Download (PDF 0.53MB)

Laying Hens Case Study: United Kingdom

This case study gives an account of how beak trimming of laying hens in Columbian Blacktail hens is being phased out without an increase in feather pecking or cannibalism.

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Slaughter factsheet

Fact sheet on slaughter issues.

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Farm Animal Cloning Report

This report examines the impacts of cloning on farm animal welfare, highlights key advice on the issue from scientific and ethical advisory bodies and makes recommendations…

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Welfare Implications of Beak Trimming

3 page briefing on the welfare implications of beak trimming by hot blade and infra-red beam.

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Laying Hens Case Study: Austria

An Account of the Successful Phasing Out of Beak Trimming Without Increasing Problems of Injurious Pecking in Austria.

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Stop - Look - Listen: Summary

A summary report recognising the Sentience of Farm Animals.

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