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Policies on Animal Welfare

This 32-page document sets out the animal welfare policies of Compassion in World Farming, as well as the organisation’s vision for humane sustainable farming.

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Antibiotics in Animal Farming

Public Health and Animal Welfare: Why non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in farm animals should end.

Download (PDF 0.57MB)

Widespread Failure to Enforce EU Animal Transport Law

An Analysis of Reports by the Food and Veterinary Office of the European Commission

Download (PDF 0.39MB)

Reviewing the Costs

 Report on the economics of moving to high welfare farming

Download (PDF 1.95MB)

Religious Slaughter

Briefing examining religious slaughter

Download (PDF 0.23MB)

Controlling feather pecking without beak trimming

This report reviews the evidence from the scientific literature and from practical experience which demonstrates that feather pecking and cannibalism can be controlled in non-cage…

Download (PDF 0.28MB)

FVO Reports on Failure to Enforce Pigs directive

Reports by the Food and Veterinary Office that show failure to enforce Council Directive 2008/120/EC laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs

Download (PDF 0.15MB)

Providing Enrichment for pigs

 Briefing examining enrichment for pigs

Download (PDF 0.41MB)

Foie Gras Production

Fact sheet on foie gras issues

Download (PDF 0.09MB)

Pig Farming in the EU

Briefing examining pig farming in the EU.

Download (PDF 0.53MB)