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Farm Animal Voice magazine

Welcome to your latest edition of Farm Animal Voice magazine. Something big is happening to end the factory farming nightmare. In a staggering series of firsts, Compassion’s End the Cage Age campaign is entering a whole new phase to stop the daily misery of Europe’s caged farm animals. We’re reaching out, like never before, to people who may simply not even know about the cruel realities of factory farming. We need over 1 million people to join us – like I said, it’s big.

Thanks to Compassion supporters, since its inception in 2014, End the Cage Age has exposed and challenged a host of intensive farming practices. And, now, this campaign is growing the movement against animal suffering through the launch of our European Citizens’ Initiative and UK petitions. The goal: a continent, standing united, saying NO to cages.

The summer edition of Farm Animal Voice shows how important your support is for the future of farm animals, and how the next year could be even bigger.

Warm regards to you on behalf of everyone at Compassion in World Farming,

Philip Lymbery

CEO, Compassion in World Farming

P.S. Please share this important opportunity to End the Cage Age with everyone you know. Sign the UK petition at or the European petition at