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Farm Animal Voice magazine

Welcome to your latest edition of Farm Animal Voice magazine. As we look towards the 2020s, it’s easy to feel daunted by the challenges ahead for the environment, for human wellbeing, and for animal welfare. But there is also very good reason for hope, because of the power of your compassion.

Around the world, we’re achieving so much for farm animals and for a sustainable future for our food. We are uniting a global movement against factory farming which, in 2019, became bigger, wider and stronger than ever before. And we’re not about to stop as we head into a new decade. Together, we have always been the voice for farm animals. Together, we’re about to get a whole lot louder!

The winter edition of Farm Animal Voice shows how important you are to the mission to end factory farming. You are helping to secure a better future for farm animals, people and the planet.

Warm regards to you on behalf of everyone at Compassion in World Farming, and thank you for the POWER of your COMPASSION.

Philip Lymbery

CEO, Compassion in World Farming