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Farm Animal Voice magazine

Welcome to your latest edition of Farm Animal Voice magazine. Please dive in for campaign updates, progress and global news on farm animal welfare.

Here at Compassion in World Farming, we have been overwhelmed by the wonderful support that people around the world have shown for farm animals during very challenging times.

Whilst COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on all our daily lives, our shared fight to end factory farming remains as strong as ever. And every animal who is suffering in a cage, crate, overcrowded shed, or being shipped like freight, still needs our help.

So, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to take a stand against cruelty; spoken out about the pandemic risks of inhumane farming; and stepped up the battle for a food system that protects animals and our planet.

Whether you’ve taken action, donated, or spread the word, I hope that when you read Farm Animal Voice you’ll feel proud of all you’re achieving for farm animals. I hope you’ll feel proud to be CHANGING THE WORLD.

Philip Lymbery

Global CEO, Compassion in World Farming International