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your Legacy for Farm Animals Guide

Making a Will is the best way of ensuring your loved ones have a secure future, and that your property and possessions are dealt with in the way you want. A gift in your Will to Compassion can also ensure that your values and ethics live on, helping to end the suffering caused by factory farming.

Your Legacy for Farm animals

Compassion offers a free booklet – ‘Your Legacy for Farm Animals’ – which includes information on writing or updating your Will, and how legacies can help change the lives of farm animals.

‘Your Legacy for Farm Animals’ also offers advice on the different options that exist for leaving a Will gift, and details about possible tax benefits. For example, if your estate is valued above the £325,000 threshold for inheritance tax, choosing to make a charitable legacy gift may reduce the overall tax due on everything else left in your Will.

Download ‘Your Legacy for Farm Animals’, or order a printed copy.

Our Free Will writing service

To assist with the Will-writing process we offer our supporters the opportunity to have a simple Will drafted, free of charge, by a local, qualified solicitor. Order a free pack for more information and a list of participating solicitors. The Will writing service is open to anyone living in the UK, of any age, and is available all year round.

This service is offered through the National Free Wills Network. It applies to the writing of simple Wills, the cost of which will be passed on to Compassion in World Farming. If the chosen solicitor advises that the Will is more complicated, the solicitor will invoice you separately for the extra work. Should this be the case, it is of course your decision whether to proceed with the service.

When using the free Will writing service you are not obliged in any way to leave a gift in your Will to Compassion in World Farming.

Information to include when leaving a gift

There are two main ways to leave a gift in your Will to Compassion in World Farming:

A residual gift is all, or a percentage of, the estate once all other bequests, costs, etc. have been deducted. For example, a bequest of 10% of an estate valued at £200,000 would provide a gift of £20,000. A residual gift keeps pace with inflation, helping to ensure we can fight even harder for farm animals. This type of gift can also help reduce the need for frequent updating of your Will.

A pecuniary gift is a specific amount of money, and can also play a big part in changing the lives of farm animals. The value of pecuniary legacies decreases over time; for example a generous gift of £2,000 pledged today will be less valuable in future years as the cost of living increases.

Should you wish to include Compassion in World Farming in your Will you will need to use certain legal wording:

For a residual gift:

I give the residue (or a portion of the residue) of my estate to Compassion in World Farming International (registered charity no. 1095050 (England and Wales)) of River Court, Mill Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1EZ, UK for its charitable purposes.

For a pecuniary gift:

I give the sum of £_________ to Compassion in World Farming International (registered charity no. 1095050 (England and Wales)) of River Court, Mill Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1EZ, UK, for its charitable purposes.

Updating an existing Will

If you already have a Will, the simplest way to make relatively minor alterations or additions is by making a codicil. This is an instruction that is kept with your existing Will and which your solicitor can help draw up. Alternatively, our Free Will writing service can be used to update an existing Will. Click here to order your pack.

Executorship services

Compassion in World Farming is able to act as an Executor of Wills. Executorship services are where Compassion takes legal responsibility for ensuring that someone’s Estate is disposed of according to the wishes expressed in their Will. If Compassion is to act as an Executor, we would simply ask that the charity is a beneficiary in the Will. For more information on our Executorship service please telephone our Legacy Team on 01483 521 953 or email

Please tell us!

All gifts in Wills left to Compassion are enormously beneficial to help end the cruelty of factory farming. In fact, up to half of Compassion’s work is made possible by legacies. If you have made the decision to leave a gift for farm animals we would love to hear from you. Knowing what has been pledged gives us the confidence that we can be here for as long as farm animals need us. Please tell us about your kind gift here.

Your Compassionate story

Do you have a long history of supporting the fight against factory farming, and have now left a gift for farm animals in your Will? Or perhaps you are new to the cause but are passionately committed and have decided to leave a legacy gift? If so, we would love to hear your story. Email or call 01483 521 953 to share your experiences with us.

Any questions?

The Legacy Team is always happy to give advice and support. You can email anytime or telephone 01483 521 953, Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Alternatively, please write to:

Legacy Services
Compassion in World Farming
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