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Have your MEPs joined the campaign?

MEPs support an end to live exports

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from across Europe are having their photo taken to show their support for an end to the export of live animals from the EU. Their journeys end in countries where they are unprotected by EU law, and our investigations have shown that they often suffer extremely inhumane treatment.

We need as many MEPs to join our campaign as possible, and right now there are still many UK MEPs who have not supported the campaign. Please will you email your MEPs and ask them to show their support?

Please email as many of your MEPs as you can (but check the list below for MEPs who have already signed up), and don’t forget to include your postcode so that they know you are one of their constituents

  1. Identify your MEPs
    You can find their contact details by clicking your region on the map here
  2. Download this PDF to send on to your MEPs
    Please attach this PDF to the emails you send to your MEPs so they can print it out and have their photo taken holding it.
  3. Write your email
    • Tell your MEP that you are very concerned about the welfare of animals exported outside of the EU.
    • When animals leave the EU they are no longer protected by EU law, and so often face brutal treatment.
    • Your MEP can help to stop this cruelty by having their photo taken with a sign to show their support for Compassion in World Farming’s campaign to stop live exports (this is the PDF you will attach to the email).
    • Please ask your MEP to send their photo to (if instead they send their photo to you, please do sent it on to us!)



MEPs who have already supported the campaign:


Vicky Ford

East Midlands

Glenis Willmott


Seb Dance

Jean Lambert

Charles Tannock

North East

Paul Brannen

Jude Kirton-Darling

North West

Julie Ward

Afzal Khan

Theresa Griffin

Sajjad Karim

Northern Ireland



Catherine Stihler

South East

Anneliese Dodds

Keith Taylor

South West

Molly Scott Cato

Clare Moody


Derek Vaughn

West Midlands

James Carver

Siôn Simon

Neena Gill

Yorkshire and the Humber

Timothy Kirkhope

Linda McAvan

Richard Corbett